You’ll Never See A Happy Runner

Look at the next runner you see. Are they smiling? The chances are they’re not.

People who run have a strange relationship with running. They’ll tell you they love it but then look at their faces the next time they’re out training or taking part in an event. They’ll have a pained, grimacing expression that says ‘help, get me out of here!!!!!’

Ow! Not looking happy in 2010
Ow! Not looking happy in 2010
How can you enjoy something that hurts every fibre and sinew of your legs, has your heart pumping out of your chest and has you fighting for breath? At best you finish all sweaty and out of breath but if you really push yourself to the limit chances are you’ll be in a gasping heap on the floor once you have finished dry heaving at the finish line. Have I sold it to you?

Then a very odd thing happens. We wake up the next day and we do it all over again. Surely we can recall the pain we experienced a mere 24 hours ago, can’t we?

I’m sure we can. I believe that we choose to ignore it, pretend it will be easier next time or perhaps the more we do it the less it will hurt. Although I reckon the more we do, the harder we push ourselves and so the level of pain or discomfort always seems to stay the same.

Running isn’t about trying to overcome the pain, I mean it’s different for everyone but most of us would agree that running is about the good stuff. Getting outside, stunning scenery, sunrises, sunsets, being rained on, snowed on, breathing in the country or coastal air. Jumping over puddles, jumping in puddles, feeling the sun on your face and on the back of your neck. These are some of the things we run for and I haven’t even mentioned how we feel post-run. The sense of achievement usually always overpowers the all day ache in the legs and knowing that you went for a run allows you to feel slightly smug for a while.

So, if running does actually make us happy why don’t you see happy runners? Answer: you do. All runners are happy but we can’t smile while we are running. We’re too busy thinking about how much our feet hurt or having an inner battle with ourselves about how great it would be to stop and walk. We are happy. Mostly when we stop and often when we’re pounding the pavements. We know that running is great for overall health & fitness and is good for the mind. The benefits of running are long lasting and if we do enough it can help with weight loss, staving off common colds and generally make us feel awesome and if that’s not enough we can usually eat as much as we like!

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Happy Running!

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