Why Running Can Sometimes Feel Like Smoking

This morning I went running but it was one of those mornings where I just wasn’t feeling it. My legs felt particularly heavy and sore this and it felt like I was really having to work hard just to put one foot in front of the other.

It didn’t help that I was struggling to breathe properly, it was rather like when I used to smoke. My chest was tight, my sinuses were blocked and my breathing was very shallow. I reckon I may just have a bit of a cold going on so I hope this won’t last long. 

The experience did remind me of when I used to smoke and how my breathing felt most of the time and not just on the very odd occasion I decided to run back then. It’s over 6 years now since I stopped smoking. Without doubt the best decision I’ve ever made about my health. 

Now I have taken to smokin’ rather than smoking as you can see from this photo below. 

Runner on fire
Too focussed on taking a selfie Jason failed to realise that his back was on fire!

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