When You Want To Quit Which Way Do You Turn?

  I was never, and still am not, an athlete. Up until 2010 I couldn’t have run an egg and spoon race. I was out of shape and in a bad way with my back. I was at one of life’s t-junctions. Turn left and accept that the arthritis in my lower back had beaten me, slump into the sofa and give in. Or, turn right and choose to push myself, work towards a goal and not settle for easy. I turned right even though I knew this was the path with the toughest terrain, the steepest hills and the wind in my face. For the sake of my family and myself I made a decision which would eventually lead to the challenge I have laid out before me. 

I am a different person now. I am fit and strong and ready to take on a battle of enormous proportions. It will be physically draining, it will hurt and when it gets so tough that I feel I can’t go on I will want to quit. But it is in that moment I will recall the pain I have already been through, I’ll remind myself of why I arrived at the start line and why I need to finish. I will call upon the last threads of strength I have left in my mind and body and I will choose to swim another stroke, pedal one more mile or take a few more steps. I will keep telling myself to push just a little bit further again and again and again. Because when we think we are finished and have nothing left to give we can usually give some more. We must believe in ourselves and be motivated by the words of those who also believe in us. This and the will to finish will get us through. So, I’ll lift my up my head, wipe away the sweat, turn right and keep going. I will finish #7days7irons, it will not finish me.

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