Update – November 1st 2014

Things have been so up and down over the last couple of weeks. Then the monthly project meeting was postponed because most people couldn’t make it and some had dropped out altogether. I have felt very deflated and, for a while, lost some confidence in the challenge and my abilitiy. It may sound daft but I live on this edge and a vote of no confidence feels like a personal attack although when I stand back and view the situation I know it isn’t.IMG_6353.JPG

And then, all of a sudden it started to turn the other way. Within the space of a different 48 hours I was talking to a great chap about a regular TV slot to cover my challenge and also got talking to a journalist who is going to feature me in a 3 page newspaper spread! Hopefully this will increase ‘brand awareness’ and ensure more people know what I’m doing. This is becoming more and more important as I move to focus on raising funds for the charity.

Lastly, I am focussing on my very first Iron Distance triathlon on 15th November. It’s hard to get my head around and I am half expecting to fail at some point. I don’t mean to sound negative but I do need to know my strengths and weaknesses and this research will help with that.

If you’re at a loose end on the 15th November and in the North East please come and do a bit of the bike ride, join in the run or dive in to the swim with me. Any and all help would be great motivation.

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