Twisted Ankles, Tired Legs and a Little Breeze.

 Jason Roberts

 In the last 3 days I have run and cycled for miles. My legs are beyond aching but are weirdly starting to feel very strong. I twisted my ankle yesterday morning as I tumbled to the ground like a tonne of bricks in front of a guy walking his dog…embarrassing. I quickly got up and ran off whilst thanking the man for his concern. It was only in the early afternoon that I felt a twinge of pain. The best thing to do, as long as there the bones aren’t broken or heavily sprained is to keep active and moving. So, last night I went for another run. The ankle is holding up well.

This morning’s run was only around 8k and felt slow but I did some sand running and took in a few flights of stairs too. My legs felt full and heavy but I’ve no doubt this will result in increased strength moving on.

Lastly, I learned this morning that the wind is not always the noise it makes. I almost didn’t go for a run, such was the noise of the wind battering the house, but I told myself to give it a go. When I got outside I quickly realised that, although it was windy, it was nothing like it sounded. Yes it was windy but I was never in danger of flying away. 

The lesson…

 Don’t judge a book cover by how windy it is…or something like that!

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