Training on Holiday in Wales

This week I have been training in Wales

I said I was going away for a few days with my family and that it might limit the amount of training I would be able to do. As it turned out I did manage to fit in a couple of runs and a swim as well as having a brilliant time with Laura and the kids.

The amount of training was far off the volume I have been used to and that I should be doing but I got other benefits from it.

I swam at Llyn Padarn in Llanberis. This is a breathtaking freshwater glacial lake close to the base of Snowdon which meant it was going to be cold…it was. Possibly the coldest I have known. Somehow I managed about 50 minutes with my wetsuit on. I was swimming with a friend, Toni Bailey and I often think it’s easier to swim in the cold for longer when you’re not alone. This was Toni’s first open water swim and she managed a good half an hour which is a brilliant effort, I hope that was the first of many for her.

open water swimming in wales
Llyn Padarn, Llanberis
open water swimming  in a lake
Before the Swim


On Wednesday I ran around the hills and footpaths of Y Felinheli. These hills were in a different league to the hills I’m used to running on. In some parts it was akin to mountain climbing! I hadn’t ran for a few days and I actually found it quite tough. I managed to run for about an hour but it was hard.

On Thursday I enjoyed one of the most scenic and beautiful runs I have ever had the good fortune to go on. The route was about 8.5 miles and a large part of that involved running around the Great Orme in Llandudno. This huge and imposing headland could have offered a cold and bleak backdrop but instead, at 7:00am on Thursday morning, the sun was shining, it was clear, wind free and the sea to my right hand side was as still as could be. I passed 1 man and his dog and I was passed by a cyclist, otherwise I had the world to myself. If you ever get the chance to run around the Orme then you really should. It seems to keep on going and has far more ups than downs but the  stunning views more than compensate for any sting in the legs.

greatest runs in Britain the great orme llandudno
The Great Orme seen from Llandudno

Verdict: Wales is a superb training facility and has the scenery to match. I highly recommend Llyn Padarn and the Great Orme. Also. If you’re staying in Llandudno for any events you really should try The Britannia Guest  House. It was a great nights stay.

PS: As I write this I am about £110 short of hitting 10% of my fundraising target. Can you help me get to £5,000 by donating and/or sharing this post and any others with your connections. Thanks


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