How You Finish Is Dictated By How You Start
Before I start to talk about running itself it’s really important to ensure that come Jan 4th you are completely ready to step out of the door and go for it. This means ensuring you have the right kit so that you’re confident and comfortable. Thankfully running is a very inexpensive sport, it can get pricey but it certainly doesn’t need to be at the start. Chances are you’ll have most of what you need already.
• T shirt
• Lightweight water/wind proof jacket
• Shorts
• Tracksuit bottoms
• Sports socks
• Running shoes

If your budget allows it you may want to invest in specific running clothing but there is certainly no need for this at the beginning.

 Your running shoes are the most important item on the list. Choosing the right trainers will ensure that you run efficiently and will also help protect you against injuries from blisters, calf strains, knee damage,  shin splints and more.

If you’re going to be buying a new pair of trainers get yourself along to a running store like Sweatshop and they will help you choose the right shoes based on your running style. Also, you can return and exchange them for another pair without question within 30 days if they don’t suit your running…how great is that. Again, if your budget doesn’t allow this then make sure the shoes that you have are comfortable and have plenty of miles left in them.

 Download a decent free running app like Runkeeper or Strava You’ll need this to help keep track of your distances run. Of course you could go out and buy Fitbits, Garmins and all manner of other gadgets but they are luxury items that aren’t a necessity at this stage.
 Listening to music can often give you a boost so if you have a smartphone or an MP3 player make yourself a playlist of your favourite music. Some people aren’t comfortable running with headphones in but a great track can give you a lift when you’re tired. Music is totally optional.

Anything that I haven’t mentioned is not necessary. There are loads of gadgets, gizmos and items of clothing on the market and you could go crazy kitting yourself out but I reckon simple is best at the start so you can concentrate on just running.

DISCLAIMER: I think this goes without saying but if you have any conditions or injuries that are of concern please do check with your GP before undertaking any exercise or training plan. Please note that this programme is free to follow and you do so at your own risk. I am not a qualified coach or medical professional. I coach from my own experiences gained over the last 5 years when I went from overweight smoker with slipped discs to completing #7days7irons this year.
I want this to be as interactive as possible so feel free to get in touch at any point with your questions and let me know how your getting on.
Week 1 plan coming soon

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