Painful Pace at Blaydon Race

Tonight I ran the Blaydon race. One to tick off the ‘must do’ list. I use the term ‘run’ rather loosely. 

I was considering not running. I’ve still got this hamstring injury which is made worse with lots of sitting and I’d been doing a fair bit of driving today for work so it was giving me some real grief. My back’s been playing up, I’ve had a splitting headache all day and I really haven’t been training enough. 

So, it was never going to be pretty, and it wasn’t. I was able to run for around half a mile Before my leg really started to pull and when it began to hurt it really hurt. Of course I’m not a stranger to running whilst in pain but in this context it just wasn’t pleasant at all. I wish I could say I enjoyed it but I really didn’t. 

I will say what a brilliant event this is. Really well organised from start to finish. Metro Radio at the start playing loads of great North East music – Local Hero, Why Aye Man, Fog on the Tyne – a couple of bands along the route and a slick finish line. Definitely recommended if you have never done it before and I’d love to do it again next year when hopefully I’ll be in better fettle*.

Best bit? Cheese bun and a bottle of beer in the goody bag! 

*fettle = mood (Geordie) 

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