No Fun On This Timed Run

First timed run since Day 7 of my challenge

I decided to start using Runkeeper again today to time my run. The timings made for glum reading! Last year I would have been happy if this was a run at slow/easy pace but this morning it felt tough and I felt weak. I was really, really pushing…and I even dry heaved at one point. I felt like I had aged 20 years since I last tested myself! 
It’s amazing how quickly you lose fitness when you’re injured or unable to run for other reasons. 
I’ve put off timing my runs for a long time but I’m sure, despite this hamstring injury that WILL NOT go away, this is the right time to start bringing it back. My short term goal is 45mins in Blaydon Race…just over a month lots of work to do and a lot of pace to make up! 

I’ll be following my own training plan which and if you’re new to running it will help you go from nothing to 7 miles in just 7 weeks. TRY IT

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