Lighten Up

Lighter Mornings And Lighter Nights Make Running More Attractive

I didn’t run anywhere near as much as I usually would this winter gone. I’ve always said I prefer running in the cold, dark and rain and I stand by that still. I think may be I’ve been on a big come down after the huge effort of last years challenge. I simply found it hard to motivate myself to get out the door. Despite that I still managed at least one run almost every week. I knew that I had to hang on in there long enough and eventually I would find motivation to really get back into it. 

Up until last week I half believed it wasn’t going to come back. I’ve put on weight, lost any form I had and still harbour a leg injury that will be celebrating its 3rd birthday next month. I generally lacked get up and go and wasn’t feeling ‘it’.

Then the mornings started getting lighter and, one superbly lit, rusty orange  morning, I felt the warmth for running spread over me. The joy came back and, for all my leg still hurt…a lot, I knew that this was what I had been waiting for.  

running at sunrise That morning I just stood for a few minutes and stared out across the North Sea as the ball of orange sun rose slowly. I took a deep breath of the salty air and splashed some sea water on my face just so I could be sure I was there, conscious. I was. 

At that point in time I was one of only three people on the beach. As the morning progressed and I continued on my run I saw more and more people and significantly more runners than I remember seeing this time last year. In some ways I think my own little space in time is being invaded but then, actually, I know it’s brilliant. More and more people are taking to running and whilst some will try it and decide they don’t like it there will be those who love it and find it changes their life. New runners keen to discover what we find so appealing and uplifting about pounding the pavements, beaches and parks. 

So, I give thanks to the light mornings and the light nights. Not just for bringing new runners out and showing them the joy of running but for shining right in my face and making me realise why I love running and for giving me back that focus.

And don’t even get me started on early morning sea swimming! 

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