I Skipped Running This Morning

Due to the volume of training I’m doing variety is very important. So, this morning I grabbed the skipping rope.


My sports therapist, Anna Stokoe tells me that skipping is great for my niggling hamstring injury and is an excellent cardiovascular workout. So far so good. It’s certainly enough to get you out of breath and sweaty! 

Skipping can be one of those things that can really motivate you to keep going, you always want to improve on your last ‘score’. This morning I was attempting to beat my PB of 68 consecutive skips and did so with an impressive 112 (take that Nathan Dalgarno)! I’m now going to aim for 200.

Skipping, so I’ve heard, is also great for core strength, improving reflexes and regulating breathing. Perhaps this is why boxers do it…a lot! I’m certainly feeling the benefits even though I’ve only had a handful of sessions so far. 

Try it yourself! You can pick up a skipping rope for next to nothing and it will add variety to your exercise regime. CLICK HERE for a digital skipping rope for only £7.95 from Start Fitness. Half an hour of skipping in the morning will get your metabolism racing. How quickly can you get to 100?

Feel free to post a comment below and let me know you’re PB


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