Thank You!

Over the next few weeks I’ll report on the #7days7irons challenge. I’ll tell you the highs and lows, how I almost quit after the half way point and I’ll give you some insight into what the week was really like. 

But whilst I take some time to come to terms with what the team and I achieved over that week I would just like to say a great big THANK YOU! 

I’d really like to extend some individual thanks and will also do this soon. For now though, this thank you is for everyone who had anything to do with the challenge. Whether you helped in training, organising, donating, sponsoring or supporting or you supplied some kit, equipment, nutrition products or anything else…this thank you is for you. 

Without the huge amount of people who have been there to encourage me and spur me on this challenge would not have been possible. Many of you I have never met, most likely never will but your support has been just as valuable along the way. 

So, whether you are the chap who came out of his house with a track pump when I got a puncture on a training ride or the lady at the side of the road who helped me with directions through Birmingham. However you helped me, you got me to the finish line!

Jason Roberts


One thought on “#7days7irons

  • 20/08/2015 at 8:01 AM

    See you are making great progress Jason. Tracking you from Marbella. Keep it going. David.


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