Hold the Painkillers, Run Long

Ok, so it doesn’t have to be a long run. In fact it doesn’t have to be a run at all. However, if you want to keep back pain at bay the best way is to exercise, keep moving and stay active rather than pop paracetamols. It took Australian researchers a long time and a lot of money to tell us that but this is something that I figured out for myself in 2010 and I wrote a bit about it in a recent post. One of my favourite mantras is ‘strength in movement’ and it works for me. It could work for you too.

I have been for a long run as it happens. I set off on Wednesday night and got back home on Thursday as you can see from the photo.

I ran just over 16 miles in 2hrs 40. This is slow but within the range that I’m aiming for in the challenge and I didn’t stop the clock when I paused for the loo or changed running tops.  I felt like my energy levels were good and I finished with plenty still in the tank. As you can see I was fairly pleased!



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