Happy to be Back in the Saddle

Today I got back on the saddle for the first time since the last day of #7days7irons. When I dismounted on the 23rd August I was agonisingly sore and I remember thinking that the likelihood of me ever riding a bike again was very unlikely.

I had dozens of flashbacks just getting my cycling gear together and putting my shorts and jersey on. I had loads more images and experiences come flooding back when I rode off. Some good, some bad and some I couldn’t bear thinking about. 

Choosing a 13.5 mile circuit I knew I’d be safe; if I hated it or it became painful I wouldn’t be too far from home. Nervously I set off, lowering myself very gently onto the sharp, cold saddle.  The smile on my face says it all. I needn’t have worried, the ride was largely fine. I had some odd twinges like distant echoes from the challenge and I remembered the pains I had in my legs, shoulders and hands. Other than that it was thoroughly enjoyable. It was great to be back in the saddle and I’m looking forward to getting out more and more. I won’t be doing close to 800 miles in a week again anytime soon but it’s definitely good to know I can get back on the bike without my eyes watering. 

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