Bike Before Coffee Before Work

  If there’s not enough hours in the day then make your day longer. For me that means getting up early to go training. 

This morning I met up with Dave Massie for a 6am blast on the bike around South Northumberland. It looked sunny but, just like my swim yesterday, it was very fresh. In fact on the higher ground there was frost on the grass. 

We managed to squeeze in 45 miles (yes I’ve rounded up – cyclists prerogative) and kept a conversation going all the way around. I have to thank Dave for his ‘guide’ role as I had run out of contacts. If it wasn’t for him I may be stuck head first in a hedge of have hit a variety of potholes. 

The miles are increasing but as the mornings are getting brighter and hopefully warmer, I can get up earlier and earlier and this is definitely a good thing.

And I made it back in time for a coffee before work! 


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