Being Injured Sucks

Well, it was bound to happen. Nearly 2 years of training, 1 year totally injury free and this last year ok except for a niggle and a couple of broken toes. Unfortunately the little niggle has evolved into something more debilitating and now my left leg is painful at anything more than a walk. So, I’m having a huge internal argument. On one hand I know I need to take it easy and rest. On the other I know that a week or two not training is  a big deal with only 3 months to go before my challenge, especially as I really need to be increasing the volumes of exercise now. What to do? 

Of course, the sensible thing to do is take it easy. A rest now might mean that each stage of #7days7irons takes an hour longer or each day is harder than it would have been otherwise.  Small price to pay when the alternative is to keep going and risk real and lasting damage. Calling off the challenge is not an option. So, with reluctance, it’s feet up I suppose! 

I’m certainly not happy about it. Actually, I’m beyond miserable. I’m also hacked off that it has made me miserable! It’s a bit of a vicious circle. Unfortunately I’m not the only one that suffers. Mrs 7 and the kids also have to put up with my long face mooching around at home. I try to put on a positive facade but I can’t maintain it at the moment, it comes and goes.

In order to stave off boredom and the withdrawal symptoms I’ve decided to start other exercises: sit -ups, crunches, planks etc. I’m not usually a fan of these exercises because of the strain on my back but perhaps this is a great opportunity to work on core strength. 

Static exercises are not the same as an early morning run or bike ride but it’ll have to do for now. I’m looking forward to treatment and hopefully I will be back to the real training very soon. At least I hope so. No training makes Jason a very miserable boy and I don’t like being miserable. Being miserable makes me…erm…miserable!! 


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