Ashington Sprint Triathlon 2015

On May 4th I took part in Ashington Sprint Tri for the 3rd time. Back in 2010 this was my very first triathlon and given the journey I had been on to get there it has and will always be special to me. 

As always, it was a fantastic turnout and the weather was spot on, the sun made a very welcome appearance at the end of the bike section. My time, as ever, was slow being just over 1hr 20 minutes but it was my fastest time on the course all sections felt good. My leg injury flared up on the run but I hope a visit to Anna Stokoe Sports Therapist on Thursday will sort that.

The organisers at TRI Northumberland very kindly donated my entry. I can’t thank them enough. Support like this keeps me going in the run up to the main challenge. What a brilliant touch it was too for the organising committee to give me the number 7.


Photos Courtesy of Active Photos

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