Adventurer Assembles

School Assembly, Inspirational PresentationThis week I was invited to deliver a morning assembly to Year 11 in a local high school. I was asked to be ‘inspirational’.

I started off feeling very nervous. I have told countless people about the #7days7irons challenge but I have never got up in front of a large assembled crowd to deliver a rehearsed presentation.

Mrs 7, being a superstar teacher, helped me by writing the spoken bits and I put together some visuals.

After several fumbled dry runs in the 2 nights leading up to the assembly I concluded I was as good as I was going to get. The presentation itself lasted for around 15 minutes and, even if I say so myself, it went very well, so much better than in practice. The audience seemed to be soaking up the information I delivered and I felt very confident. Actually, I felt more confident about it than I have about ¬†anything else for some time. It could have gone the other way of course but thankfully it didn’t.

A big thanks to Burnside Business & Enterprise College in Wallsend for inviting me along and big hugs and kisses to Mrs R for writing my script, coming with me for moral support and for helping me keep a lid on my big bucket of nerves!

It’s worth noting that I now have a great, presentation which will inform and perhaps inspire you. Give me a shout if you would like me to come along to your school, club, workplace etc.

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