9 Weeks To Go, Nowhere To Stay

Yes, that’s right. Only 9 weeks left until this gets very real! Can you believe it? I can’t. I’ve been banging on about this challenge now for almost 2 years and soon it will be looming large above me, staring me right in the eyes and saying “Let’s see what you’re made of”. As I’ve just got home after a short run I’ve realised how much the heat may play a part too. As you can see, I’m not too impressed by this!

I know that these 9 weeks will absolutely fly by and I’ve still got a lot of work to do in terms of training and organisation. I sometimes wonder if I’ll feel as I hope to at the start line and if everything will be in place. If ever there has been a time for everything to go exactly to plan, for luck to be on my side and for miracles to happen then now is that time. Do you think if I cross my fingers I can make a rather large motor home show up on my driveway? Or, perhaps I could appear to the Chairperson of a large hotel chain in a dream and tell them to send some room keys for a few of their hotels. Yes, you’ve guessed it. 9 weeks left and the biggest question mark is over accommodation. I am waiting with bated breath as I hope to hear any day now that a national retail chain are going to pay for/sponsor a motor home for the week. In the event that this doesn’t come off feel free to get in touch if you can help. I promise plenty of media coverage and endless gratitude. 

I’m really enjoying the benefits of strength and conditioning coaching at Smart Fitness in Gosforth. 

Smart Fitness Gosforth 
I’d always stayed away from gyms as much as possible but I found out about this place and quickly realised it is not the type of gym that might usually come to mind. This is all about core fitness and using the right parts of the body rather than sitting on bikes and running on treadmills. The results are already showing after 5 visits. The session shows up my weaknesses but that is a good thing, it pinpoints areas needing attention.

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