10 Important Things Every Runner Needs

Running is arguably the most basic sport on the planet – so runners don’t need much, right?


If you’re a runner, you need as many accessories, tools and mindsets as any other person doing any other sport. But just what are these things, I hear you ask? Well, great question.

Below, you’ll find ten of the most important things that every runner must have on their utility belt. From music to fluid, it’s quite a diverse toolset, so let’s get started!

1. Headphones!

Important things every runners needs
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Music has been proven to make our workouts more intense, and that means it’s vital for runners of any level. Consider looking at some hooked earphones so they don’t fall out when you’re moving.

2. A GPS device

Important things every runners needs

Whether you use the one that’s built into your phone or buy a wrist strap, having a GPS does two things. One, it allows you to discover brand new running routes. And two, it helps you get home if you ever get lost. Result.

3. Supports and braces

Because it’s unlikely that you’ll go your entire running career without sustaining an injury of some kind. A knee support for running can support your precious joints and make it easier for you to run through the pain.

4. A healthy diet

Important things every runners needs

They say that living healthily is 30% sport, and 70% diet. Well, they probably don’t say exactly that, but the principle still stands. You can work as hard as you want on your fitness, but it means nothing without a solid diet. Running is healthy, but this will make it healthier still!

5. Ice packs

Recovery and rest is just as important as the running itself, so don’t neglect it. An ice pack can reduce any swelling you may have sustained, getting you back to 100% health much more quickly.

6. A running partner

Important things every runners needs
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Nobody deserves to be alone, and our friends and relatives can provide support for us when the running gets too hard. Everyone needs motivation and goodwill sometimes, and having a partner will keep you going.

7. Fitness tracker

Maybe you like running simply for the feeling. Or, maybe you have specific weight loss goals and calorie targets in mind. So, by investing in some form of fitness tracker, you afford yourself these capabilities and more.

8. Weather-specific clothing

Important things every runners needs
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Because it won’t always be sunny, sadly. Investing in both long pants and long sleeved tops, and short pants and short sleeved tops, would be wise. That way, you can carry on running no matter the weather.

9. Resistance bands

Stretching and warming up is vital in any sport, especially running. Resistance bands help you stretch to the limit, providing enough… you know… resistance, to make those muscles pop.

10. A hydration source

Important things every runners needs

Lugging around a water bottle probably isn’t the best idea, but you definitely should not go without a drink. Fortunately, you can buy compact bottles or hydration belts, which strap right to your midriff.

And there’s my list! Is there anything I’ve missed? Sound off in the comments section below!

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